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Characteristics of Modern Binoculars

Digital binoculars allow you to view objects that are at a distance of about 1 km and take pictures of them. Whoever is the owner of the video binocular - wildlife photographer, naturalist who studies the nature, fan of sports, sitting on the platform and having an opportunity to take a pic any moment, or a traveler, -he will get a lot of unique features . There are many uses of this device: binocular for hunting or birding. Choose any type to your liking.

Night period of time is not a problem any more as there is a binocular with the function of the night vision. You can use your binocular as a camera as well. Binocular has never been as smart as it is now.

The characteristics of the present-day binocular

Wide field of view and a large depth of field allow you to easily and freely move your gaze from object to object, and a large apparent magnification helps to see even the smallest detail. Optical aberration has been minimized. You can use it for a long time without any discomfort for your eyes. All these real sensations, however, reflect the very specific parameters that characterize each device. Among the main characteristics of new devices are:

  • Magnification.
  • Diameter of objective lens.
  • Diameter of exit pupil.
  • Field of view.
  • Exit eye relief.
  • Close focus.

Value of magnification

The values of these parameters are specified in the title of each type of binocular. Magnification characterizes the ability of the device to change the visible image of the object in a certain number of times. Increasing the diameter of the lens determines the quality of the visible image and comfort of using binocular.

Influence of the diameter of the exit pupil

The diameter of the exit pupil characterizes the possibility of optical systems of binocular to skip to the eye the light beam of a certain power. Increasing the lens diameter considerably influences the size and weight of the binocular and allows infinitely increase the image quality.

The field of view and eye relief

The field of view is defined as the width of the space, visible through binocular at a distance of 1 km. Eye relief is the maximal distance from the eyepiece of the binocular up to your eyes, where you still see the full image. It is a kind of indicator of comfort.

Close focus

Close focus - minimum distance from binocular to an object, which you can already focus your vision at. It is extremely important for the fans of observing butterflies and birds.


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