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How to �onvert an Image to Text?

Working with documents, it often becomes necessary to edit files of various formats. Those who are not familiar with the program to convert image to text, you have to manually reprint quite large pieces of text in Word and then edit, and format. If you are one of those who are not familiar with such programs, we'll share tips and tricks, which will save you a lot of time and increase productivity.

Why Do You Need to Convert an Image to Text?

Quite a common example: instead of the company details printed in Word, a clients sends a scanned image of a contract with his details. It remains nothing to do, how to reprint the details, spending on this precious time, which could well be used for another purpose. Or, suppose you meet interesting information on the pages of a book in PDF format, which is both reprinted for a long time, and the material is valuable, necessary for work. In the end, you have to look for something else. And involuntarily, the question arose: how to translate a picture into text.

It is often encountered with the need to convert images into editable text by students. Remember how the only textbook or book the whole group had to rewrite by hand? Now you have the online service ocronline.com, which will do this work for you if necessary.

How to Convert a Picture into Text?

The process of converting files, such as JPEG to WORD, TEXT or RTF, is called OCR or OCR. Special software determines the shape of letters and numbers in the image and converts them into the text itself, which allows you to copy, paste and edit. How to convert a scanned image into text?

If you are tired of wasting time retyping documents, then the online recognition system is for you.

The system recognizes for you documents of any format JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and PDF files. Files can not be more than 10 MB and contain no more than 100 pages. You can choose your own language from 150 languages. At the output you can get a file in DOC, PDF, RTF or TXT format.

At the service itself, everything is quite simple. Even a child can figure it out. It is very easy to translate a picture into text. Choose a language, upload a document, process and save the result. A slight drawback is the impossibility of working with several languages at once. If you have a text with foreign words, in this case, ocronline will not be able to translate it.

The Main Advantage of Online Converter Service

The advantage of this online service will be the possibility to work simultaneously with several images, for example, a book, at the same time. In any case, you can add this online service to your bookmarks, so that when the need arises, you can quickly call on yourself a great assistant - a free online service for converting a scanned image into text. If you face any problems with conversion, this guide will help to understand what the problem is.


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