March 1997

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Board funds projects, conducts business

The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board held its annual spring funding meeting February 26, 1997 at the Farm Bureau Center in Little Rock.

In addition to setting funding priorities, (see Research Funding) the board:

  • Discussed the need for more producer input into identifying research needs. They suggested using the internet, through Extension Service County Councils, the Farm Bureau Soybean Division, and county producer meetings to give producers opportunities to express their needs;
  • Authorized a letter to companies marketing soybean seed in Arkansas requesting they enter all varieties intended for sale in Arkansas into the University of Arkansas Variety Testing Program;
  • Heard updates on programs and activities of the United Soybean Board by Arkansas representatives to that board;
  • Approved a Producer Communications project with Arkansas Farm Bureau to produce three newsletters during the 1998 fiscal year at a cost of $9,000, to be mailed to all soybean producers in the state and to other industry parties;
  • Reviewed board member attendance requirements and mission statement.

Soy protein used in new wood adhesive

Soy protein adhesives will be introduced March 25 at the American Chemical Society National Exposition in New Orleans.

Dr. Roland Kreibich used fragmented soy protein as an admix with phenolic and urea resins to make a usable waterproof wood adhesive.

Full-scale mill trials are underway for the end-jointing of both finish and structural lumber.
USB is testing these adhesives to glue green dimensional lumber end-joints.

Conference Provides Production & Marketing Information

The fifth annual Southern Soybean Conference brought together producers, researchers, Extension personnel and ag industry representatives from southern and mid-southern soybean-producing states to discuss the latest in soybean production and marketing methods.

The United Soybean Board sponsored the production-based conference, held February 11-13 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Sessions focused on soybean variety selection, outlooks for 1997, insect and pest management, and tillage, as well as retirement planning, time management and market risk management.

During the December meeting of the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board, action was taken to allocate $5,000 to the Cooperative Extension Service to help pay expenses of up to 10 county Extension agents to attend the conference.

Board Research Funding

Basic Adaptability, Management, Early Maturing Soybean 		
Production Practices, Variety Selection and Seed Quality	 
Ashlock, Longer and Shumway                                     $46,150
Developing Cost Effective Weed Management Systems		
Baldwin and Oliver                                             $100,000
Soybean Research Verification Program			
Ashlock, Klerk, Windham, Brown and Smith                       $101,798
Soybean Production Under Low-Input Nonirrigated Conditions	
Keisling, Oliver, Baldwin, Dillion, Ashlock and Purcell        $114,758
Weed Interference and Weed Management			
Oliver                                                          $63,441
Development of Rotational Systems to Control Soybean		
Cyst Nematode						 
Riggs, Robbins, Rupe and Parsch                                 $80,000
Adaptability of the Soybean Plant to Arkansas' Environments; 	 
Stress Tolerance and Avoidance				 
Ashlock, Purcell, Rupe and Sabbe                                $36,443
Variety Testing for Disease Resistance 				
Riggs, Robbins and Rupe                                         $59,758
Field Screening of New Soybean Cultivars for Performance 		
against Stem Canker, Sudden Death Syndrome, Phytophthora 	
and other Economic Diseases					
Kirkpatrick and Tompkins                                        $29,595
Improving Technology Transfer for Profitable and Sustainable 
Soybean Production 						
Ashlock, Tacker and Lorenz                                      $92,875
Evaluate the Agronomic and Economic Parameters of Incorpor-
ating Very Early Maturing Soybean Varieties into a Doublecrop	  
Wheat Grain and Livestock Grazing System			   
Ashlock, Daniels, Harrison, Tacker and Windham                   $8,608
Soybean and Rice Rotation Studies to Evaluate Response
to Lime, Phosphorus and Zinc Applications 			
Daniels, Robinson, Slaton, Windham, Wilson,
 Ashlock and Ntamantungiro                                      $27,605
Improvement of Rice and Soybean Production on Soils 
Adversely Affected by Poor Irrigation Water 			 
Wilson, Slaton, Keisling, Miller, Beyrouty,
 Baker, Muir,Scott and Norman                                   $65,920
Effects of Stressed Soybean Seedlings on Soybean Growth
and Yield							 
Mayhew and Longer                                                $6,300
Production of High Quality Seed of Maturity Group IV Soybeans
Using Planting Date, Foliar Fungicides, and Phomopsis Seed 
Decay Resistance						 
Rupe, Kirkpatrick, Longer and Sneller                           $23,281
Soybean Production Management Alternatives Under
Full Flexibility 							 
Coats                                                           $30,000
Effect of Subsoiling and Related Practices
 on Heavy Clay Soils  	
Huitink, Tacker, Windham, Ashlock, and Keisling                 $21,325
Arkansas Soybean Marketing Alternatives, Strategies, and
Neff and Smith                                                  $28,000
Soybean Variety Testing  					
Dombek and Ashlock                                              $16,571
Integration of Resistent Soybeans with a Biological Control
Agent for Suppression of the Soybean Cyst Nematode   		 
Riggs and Fenn                                                  $51,745
Surface Irrigation Alternatives for 
Irrigated Soybean Management     
Vories, Tacker, Purcell, Ashlock, Dillon and Oliver             $33,342
Effect of Cropping Systems on Soybean Seed Quality and 
Seed Infecting Fungi                 					 
Fenn, Rupe and Longer                                           $16,555
Economics of Soybean Production                                 
Windham, Dillon and Oriade                                      $75,250
Economic Benefits of Corn in Arkansas Soybean Rotations	  
Stark, Ashlock and Johnson                                       $8,690
                           S U B T O T A L             $1,138,010
Breeding Improved Cultivars and Germplasm            			
Sneller, Riggs and Rupe                                         $91,415
Molecular Markers in Soybean Germplasm and Variety 
Sneller                                                         $62,400
Weed Biology/Ecology                					 
Oliver                                                          $24,713
The Relationship of the Environment to Sudden Death 
Syndrome and Stem Canker        
Rupe, Robbins and Purcell                                       $47,670
New Carbon Adsorbents from Soy Hulls for the Chemical, Food
and Water Purification Industries         				
Proctor                                                         $38,099
Creating New Consumer Products from Soy Lecithin for the
Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries 			 
Proctor                                                         $41,000
Soybean Drought Tolerance Research   			 
Purcell, Sneller and Vories                                     $63,622
Soybean Adaptation to Restrictive Soil Environments   		  
Widick, Muir and Sneller                                        $41,520
                             S U B T O T A L              $410,439
Value-Added Novel Products from Modified Soy Proteins -
Biodegradable Films						 
Hettiarachchy, Kalapathy and Wailes                             $39,057
Novel Soy Protein Peptides as Vehicles to 
Deliver Iron in Food Fortification    							 
Hettiarachchy, Kalapathy and Kegley                             $36,781
                            S U B T O T A L               $75,838
                     G R A N D   T O T A L         $1,624,287

Board Requests Producer Input

The Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board (ASPB) is interested in obtaining input from producers to enhance checkoff-funded research programs and producer information activities.

Please take a minute and review the following questions.

    1. Are you receiving adequate information about soybean checkoff funded programs and activities?
    1. Should the ASPB be putting more information about checkoff funded programs and activities on the internet?
    1. What specific research needs do you have that are not currently being addressed?

    Email your answers to:
    Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board

1996 - 97 Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board members are:

Roger Pohlner, Weiner, Chairman
Art Simpson, Marked Tree, Vice-chairman
David Walt, Dumas, Secretary-treasurer
Jerry Ford, Lake Village*
Richard Howard, Clarkedale
Paul McCutchen, Parkin*
Bryan Moery, Wynne*
Mary Ratcliffe, Sweet Home
Stanley Reed, Marianna

* Designates representatives on the United Soybean Board

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