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The Industry As A Whole

Soybean production has traditionally been one of the largest agricultural enterprises in Arkansas. Soybean acreage in Arkansas declined sharply in the 1980s but has stabilized around 3.2 million acres annually. The value of Arkansas’ crop varies considerably from year to year as prices fluctuate, but averages $500 million. Arkansas ranks eighth nationally in soybean production.


Soybeans are grown in more than 50 of the state’s 75 counties, but are concentrated in eastern Arkansas. Some soybeans are also produced in the Arkansas River Valley in the west and the Red River Valley in the southwest.

 Map of Arkansas Soybean Production
Major Soybean-Producing Counties

Optimum planting dates for soybeans are May 5 through July 5, although early maturing varieties can be planted prior to those dates in south Arkansas.

Approximately 30 percent of soybeans is "double crop" behind wheat. Following spring wheat harvest, the land is replanted to soybeans, allowing the harvest of two crops from the same land during one year. Irrigation-furrow, flood and sprinkler-is common practice on about 35 percent of soybean acreage.

Soybeans are harvested between Oct. 15 and Nov. 20, although harvest of early maturing varieties begins earlier. Average yields are around 27 bushels per acre, but vary considerably between areas.


Soybeans move into the marketplace by a variety of channels. They may be stored on the farm and sold later to one of the following three types of facilities or moved directly from the field to one of those facilities. Ultimately, delivery will be made to either a local elevator, river elevator or a processor. Local elevators eventually will move soybeans to river elevators or processors. Those soybeans that are delivered to river elevators generally move into the export marketplace, while processors convert the soybeans to meal and oil for both export and domestic utilization.

Of the soybeans produced in Arkansas, approximately 35 percent is exported. The rest is processed domestically into cooking oil and poultry or livestock feed.

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